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Someone called me “anointed man of God”. I gently extricated myself from the description. Why?

Such branding is part of what is causing problems and elevating egos in the body of Christ and creating premium ministers. When Benson Idahosa was alive he was the only Archbishop. No one else in the Pentecostal fold dared use the title . As soon as he passed away, Archbishops mushroomed.

I am a simple believer. God’s son because He redeemed me and I am Jesus’ brother.

God’s servant because I am in His service because He sent me on a commission in Mark 16.15.

Anointed because the moment I gave my life to Christ and accepted the commission, His power, the Holy Spirit was given to me and is in me to perform the commission. This is the anointing.

I was ordained an Assistant Pastor in Bethel Church in 1990 (we used the title Elders) and a full pastor in 1995. But I generally refrain from using the Pastor title. Not because it’s wrong; it’s a personal choice. But I’d rather not turn it into a public prefix. For me it’s ok in the church and similar gatherings. But really I’d rather not use it to replace my normal Mr. No prejudice.


To those who use it, it’s good. Nothing wrong at all. You have the right. To be described GO, Senior Pastor, Regional Pastor, Superintendent Pastor, Founding Pastor etc is good. The key thing is LET YOUR CONDUCT MATCH THE EXPECTATIONS OF THESE TITLES. To whom much is given, much is expected.

Rather, let’s focus on the expectations of our ministries and callings and not the titles per se, so that we don’t get distracted. So we don’t become like the Pharisees and Saducees and Jewish Elders. Title merchants.


Jesus had this challenge in Luke 46 when He asked: WHY DO YOU CALL ME LORD BUT DON’T DO WHAT I SAY? He was reemphasizing these things. He preferred the humbler title of Rabbi (teacher) that many many others within the Jewish traditional setting used.

Why do we elevate ministers of the gospel to lofty heights by titles they don’t need to function? You often hear during testimonies, “ When the man of God said XYZ”. Who is “the man of the devil inside a church? Why do we seek to create “premium positioning”? Calling me “anointed” will not double the anointing upon my life. The anointing came from God and not from your words.


Let’s make Christianity simple again. Like Christ and the Apostles did.

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