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A point-of-sale operator identified only as Joy, has been defrauded in Lagos State.

Joy, who was recently employed, handed N75,000 to a customer identified as Victor, who left behind a bag containing five sachets of water.

A businesswoman, Elizabeth Adetula, said the suspect initially visited her shop and talked about a wedding he claimed to be planning.

She said, “Victor approached my shop to make enquiries from my receptionist about beads. He claimed his wedding was coming up during the weekend.

“My receptionist telephoned me to speak with Victor because he looked like a big customer. I asked her to get his phone number just in case of referrals.

“I even told him over the phone to patronise us if his bride was in need of a make-up artist and he said yes, that I should hurry down to the shop so we could discuss business.


“But I guess when he realised that he couldn’t get cash from us, he beckoned on the PoS operator in front of my shop.

“According to my receptionist, Victor told the operator to give him N75,000 cash and he’ll give her his ATM card for cash withdrawal and she could take N2,000 as service charge, and Joy agreed.


“After Joy handed the cash to Victor, he dropped a nylon bag with her under the pretext of coming back to pick it. He also asked her to give him N50 to quickly buy something from a store close by, but he never came back.

“When Joy checked the nylon bag, she found five pieces of sachet water. This was when she came to her senses; she ran outside in the rain, crying and looking for him everywhere, but he was gone. She couldn’t explain what happened or what came over her; I think she was charmed.”


Adetula said the case was reported at the Ago Police Station, alleging that the police demanded N100,000 to track the suspect.

“We tried calling the phone number Victor dropped with my receptionist, but the receiver was just talking nonsense,” she added.

The state Police Public Relations Officer, Benjamin Hundenyin, confirmed the incident, adding that the investigation was ongoing.

He said, “Culprits, after committing offences, go into hiding first and this makes it difficult for the police to apprehend them immediately.


“However, the diligent investigation is ongoing and the fraudster will be apprehended.”

On the demand for money, he said, “It is illegal to give policemen money for investigations and such should be reported to the DPO.”



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