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Kate Middleton has set some strict conditions in order to let Prince William’s mistress, Rose Hanbury, attend the official coronation and be close to her. Kate will reportedly meet with King Charles III in the following days to make sure that everything goes her way.

A few years ago, a set of photographs was leaked online and spread like wildfire. The reason is that William can be seen sharing an intimate moment with Hanbury at a private party. Since then, the scandals have not stopped inside the royal family and William’s reputation has been damaged.


Last week, Buckingham Palace confirmed the guest list for King Charles III’s coronation which will take place on May 6 at Westminster Abbey. Surprisingly, Charles himself sent an invitation to Rose Hanbury regardless of the fact that she almost ruined Kate and William’s marriage.

afraid of showing her discontent. However, she immediately took action and requested a meeting with Charles to set some conditions regarding William’s mistress. Per the same source, Kate does not want Hanbury to be close to her or her children and especially her husband. Experts believe Charles will let her decide where the Marchioness of Cholmondeley will sit during the event.

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