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Crossdresser Bobrisky has disclosed that he’s ready to risk his life to look beautiful even if it will cost him his life after he was rushed to the hospital.

Bobrisky updating fans on the progress of his surgery said he was rushed to the hospital 2 days ago as he was having massive pain in the hips but doesn’t regret any of that because his banging body is loading and the massive pain was expected.

According to Bobrisky, now his market fee has increased since his body is now fine with huge and sexy hips and she doesn’t regret any of the things he did to enhance his body because it’s going to be to her own advantage.

A fan tried cautioning him not to do things to kill himself because the same people praising him today will still abuse him if anything goes wrong and Bobrisky replying to that said nothing will go wrong as he’s so brave.

Bobrisky added that he’s ready to take any risk to get the body he desires even if it will cost him his life he’s ready to put it on the line because he’s very brave and can handle everything that he puts his mind up to do.

This reply of Bobrisky shows he isn’t ready to listen to any advice and will go ahead to do anything possible to become the full woman he has always desired to be and getting his bum done is just the beginning of it all.

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