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– A Nigerian man in the United States has disclosed that he wouldn’t be in the North American country if it wasn’t for visa lottery

– The young man simply identified as Wale said he was hawking in Badagry, Okoko, and Ojo before he left for the United States

– Wale said he commends people that succeed in Nigeria because life in America is a bit easier

A Nigerian man in the United States simply identified as Wale has disclosed that he will still be hawking in Badagry, Okoko, and Ojo if not for the American visa lottery that helped him out of the country.

The young man said he had no business in America because he was a street hawker from a relatively poor family. But the visa lottery was his ticket out of the life he was living.

I'll still be hawking in Badagry, Okoko & Ojo if not for visa lottery: Nigerian man in US declares, many react
The young was a street hawker in Nigeria before winning an American visa lottery. Photo credit: @SQLBrethen Source: UGC

Taking to his Twitter handle, Wale commended those who succeed in Nigeria, adding that life in America is a bit easier.


He wrote on Twitter:

“I had no business being in America. I was a street hawker in Badagry from a relatively poor family.

“Without that lottery win, I’ll probably still be roaming Badagry, Okoko, and Ojo as a hawker. I commend those who succeed in Nigeria, in America success is a bit easier.”

Reacting to the post, a tweep with the handle @GiftChinemerem3 wrote:


“Where are all those in America who before you even say “Good Morning” they have started telling you of how hard America is. My uncle came back from America after 30 yrs and bought me 7 in 1 XL white pants for me to be wearing.”

@OkoliVivianMme1 said:

“First time I am seeing someone saying that success in America is a bit easier!!”

@solscholes commented:


“Guys there are lots of Nigerians suffering in the US. Many lost focus as soon as they got in, some just wanna update their IG pages while many know why they came here and pushed for their success. It’s never handed to you on a platter but with hardwork and God, you make it.”

@faswears said:

“Your words just motivated me as a person. I wish to have the opportunity you have or something closer so I can tell my own story as well. Thank you for the positive words.”

In other news, a Nigerian man with the Twitter handle @MRBRIKILA1 recounted how his life changed for the better when he left the country for Canada.

The man said he wrote IELTS three times before he achieved the required score, adding that he passed the nursing exam at the first sitting.

In his words:


“Worked in a lot of hospitals and Nursing home…Bought my first house 3rd yr after got to Canada… was not easy for sure but the difference is clear clear…”

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