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Deji Adenyaju, a rights activist Bn had said he saw the arrest of socialite, Iyiocha Obi popularly called Obi Cubana coming after he buried his mother in a lavish ceremony this year.

Adenyaju said he warned Obi Cubana that the way he was exposing himself and his wealth to the public will expose him to the likes of EFCC.

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“When I told Obi Cubana to be careful, some people said I was jealous of him. It’s still much better to be arrested by EFCC than the FBI. He should be celebrating that it’s EFCC. Calm down, Obi. It’s not serious for now but it could get worse,” he tweeted.

Adeyanju warned Obi Cubana that he has made himself a person of interest to the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) because of the way he was spending, saying they will come for him.

Adeyanju’s tweet has also thrown up people who might be likely arrested by the EFCC. 

“The next person they will come for will be E-money. I hope they all can defend their accumulated wealth with a proven legitimate source of money.. these guys need to stay coded,” Stanley Ebeigwe said.


Obi Cubana was arrested on Monday on alleged tax fraud. Reports say the Chairman of the Cubana Group spent the night in EFCC custody.

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