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I Employed Him As My Gate Keeper But Now He Has Become The Gateway To My Happiness

As a single 42 year old lady with a very good career and living very comfortably, I have had the best of times. But that cannot be said of me when it comes to the issue of relationships. I have been in and out of relationships, some lasted six months, some, three years but none has worked out. Among my siblings, I’m the only one that is not yet married.

I have dated rich guys, average guys, and even broke guys. All I want is a guy that can understand me and we can have a meaningful conversation as partners. My silent prayer seemed to get the favour of God when Ahmed; my security man; came to me last December and told me that he wanted to go back to his village for Christmas and he will not be returning. According to him, he decided to go back and farm because his father was old and needed his help with the farm. I have known Ahmed for over 8 years, he is a faithful security guard so I asked him to find someone who could replace him. Someone he trusted.

Ahmed told me his relative; Yisa; would replace him. I met Yisa in December. He spoke fairly good English because he; unlike Ahmed; had a National Diploma. I liked him immediately. He resumed and I took him like a younger brother, just like I took Ahmed. My security guards sometimes act as houseboys for me, so they can come inside my apartment and do some chores too.

Yisa was hands-on. He was neat and kept my home very neat. A few weeks later, I fell ill and could not go to work for two days. Yisa was my guy, running errands and just being there to help me. One night I was running high temperature. He did not want to leave my side. He then spoke up and said “Madam, .Don’t be angry ma but why are you not married, you are beautiful and have everything, why you no get man to take care of you?”

I looked at him, wondering how he got the boldness to ask me this question. I was too weak to answer so I just told him “no man wants me”. I think he took pity on me but he was like, if he had money, he would marry me and take care of me. I laughed but told him “thank you”.

The drugs didn’t help that night. I was very hot and my fever was going so high that Yisa became alarmed. He was on the phone with my doctor who kept telling him to use a cold compress on me until morning when I can be brought to the hospital. The cold compress didn’t really work, but I enjoyed the soft touches of Yisa on my hot body. Secretly, I longed for a manly touch; especially that of Yisa.


Later, Yisa told me he had some herbal tea that could really help. At that point, I told him to get it. Yisa told me that the tea might have some side effects but it will help take away my fever. I took the tea and within 20minutes, I slept off. I woke up 9 am the next day. I woke up feeling very well. But unusually horny. I became wet with strong urge for sex. I was ashamed to ask Yisa if the tea was responsible for the erotic feelings. However, I concluded that the herb tea was a libido booster. It largely served as a detoxifier for me. It became my everyday morning tea.

Yisa came inside to help clean my dishes one evening and while he was there, I began to have strong feelings for him. Merely looking at his muscular body gave me some wetness down my pants. I began to fantasise, having sex with him. I looked at him admiringly as I rolled my eyes mischievously. I reasoned that he got the hint that I fancied him, because; from my downward gaze; I could notice his manhood making some stirring movement. Yisa too must have felt slightly embarrassed, because he fled the kitchen as soon as he arranged the last set of spoons.


My opportunity came one morning, I needed someone to help zip up my dress and I called Yisa. Yisa came in to try to help zip and I took his hands and put it on my breast. He was surprised but I knew I was losing my senses. I wanted Yisa to make love to me. I was losing my brains and I didn’t care any longer. I was crossing a boundary and I did not have the sense to stop myself.

Yisa looked at me and started to respond. His dick got up immediately. He didn’t even struggle with me. It was as if he had been waiting for this kind of opportunity too! Instead of zipping up my dress, he actually undressed me with speed and skill which showed that he was more perfect in undressing ladies than opening gates! My entire breasts flung pointedly at his face. My entire body system shivered uncontrollably. His turgid dick emitted some slimy drops at the tip of the cap. I grabbed his long and rock solid dick and made to insert it my vagina.


Yisa inserted the entire length of his dick into my vagina. I grabbed the bedsheets in an eruption of painful joy! We had sex for the better part of the day, doing various styles in the process. In short, Yisa was a beast in sexual regards. He certainly knew how to handle a woman. And that was how I started a relationship with Yisa; my security guard. Blame it on the herbal tea but I was beyond reasoning. I was discovering a part of myself I never knew existed.

I wanted him more and more. And now, at 42, I just discovered that I am pregnant for my Yisa. He loves me and treats me like his queen, wishes he could marry me, but wondered if I could condescend to marry him? First, he is of a different religion. Our families will never agree. Secondly, he could never fit in my circles. He is way below my status. I would be a laughing stock in the society. Thirdly, the age difference is also a factor. Yisa is 26 years old, though, he is so mature in thinking.

I know I cannot do anything but have this child. I ruminated over it for some days, and I have now come to the conclusion that I will marry Yisa against all odds. Though he is my gatekeeper, he is the man available for me at this material time.

I’ll marry him and get another gate keeper. I just hope I am making the right decision. Dear Lord, please help me…


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