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A side job ideally is a way to earn extra income, particularly with Nigeria’s current weak economic indicators showing a high inflation rate, a high unemployment rate and a high poverty rate. The outbreak of coronavirus in 2020 brought to the fore the need for individuals to diversify their sources of income to hedge against adversity that could occur if they get laid off from work.

Having another source of income is a commendable financial decision, but it is an arduous step to take, especially when you are combining it with your main job. However, merging both is not rocket science as all it requires is good planning and time management.

More so with the economic downturn in Nigeria, practically everyone needs an extra source of income to survive. Though this is true, being prudent while at it is very crucial to eschew losing your main job over your side hustle. No matter how much money your side hustle gives you, you must prioritize your full job. When you are at work, it is vital to give your main job utmost focus.7fb03a0f 23d8 4344 b927 17ea348b9882

Negligence to your main job can lead to redundancy because no employer would like to retain someone that is flippant with their job. Also, in some organizations, it is unprofessional and unethical to use company equipment (like your work computer) for personal reasons. This can lead to serious consequences when caught. Your day job provides a steady source of income, benefits, and compensation for your work, so it is necessary you give it full concentration. Though the money made from your said hustle is still important, however, you need to look for a way to strike the balance. Striking the balance entails setting a viable goal and sternly abiding by it.

Furthermore, one of the ultimate keys to achievement in life is setting goals. Being clear about your objectives is crucial especially when managing your full-time job and your side job. Your main objective of taking up a side-job can be the following: Financial security, debt payment, wealth creation and formation of your own business.

Whatever objective you have for taking a side hustle, it is imperative you make it realistic and attainable while also considering your main source of income.


Time management is important when balancing your full-time job and your side hustle. For example, if you are juggling two different paths such as your main work and side hustle, it is imperative you focus on one at a time. When you are at work, work. When you are at home and less busy focus on your side hustle.

There are 168 hours in a week, a full-time job consumes at least 10hours in a day (8 am -5 pm) the remaining hours from 6 pm to 8 pm can be used for your house chores/ quality time with your loved ones. While the remaining time, from 8 pm to 10:30 pm can be used for your side hustle.


Also making use of your early morning, late nights and weekends are also reasonable, depending on the nature of your side hustle.

Moreover, when scheduling your side hustle be realistic about how much you can do without overburdening yourself. Do not accept a job with little time frame. Always reach an agreement with the person you are working for. Do not just takes a job because you need money. Be considerate and work based on your capability. Do not be so greedy to say yes to every job that comes your way knowing full well that you cannot deliver on it because you still have your main job to also focus on. When taking a side job, it is crucial to take something related to your main role that will be less stressful and less tasking for you.


Asides from that, it is also a way to prep you especially if you are aiming at starting your own business. The goal should be to align your day job and your side hustle in a way that you are happy living out the details of your daily life, even while you are working hard on both. This may sound like a pipe dream, but it is more possible than ever in today’s world. Be curious. Be open to opportunities. Know yourself. Embrace your passions.

Above all, maintain your own health and sanity. Remember that without you, there is no balance between your side hustle and your full-time job. You are the crux of all of this and, therefore, you are your biggest priority.

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