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By Itohan Esekheigbe

If you’ve searched for love in all other places in the world, but the Lord revealed to you that the office is where you’ll find it, congratulations. However, to prevent you from finding love but losing your source of money, here are some ways to handle office romance without getting caught 

Make sure you’re in different departments

Why will you date a team member? Do you want problems for yourself? If they don’t do their work, it’s you they’ll call to help. It’s giving secondary school. 

Don’t wear their clothes to the office 

You might think your coworkers won’t notice, but they will. Stick to your own clothes, and if the two of you mistakenly own the same clothes, unown it. 

No pet names 

Better stick to their government name throughout the duration of the relationship. If not, you’ll accidentally call them “baby” at the office, and then what? 

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Have a side thing so people don’t suspect 

Talk about your other partner all the time. That way, people won’t suspect you and your coworker have a thing. 

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Do nothing together 

Even if you plan to leave the office together, enter separate Ubers to a location where you can switch to the same ride. And make sure the two of you don’t arrive together to company parties or events. 

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Don’t talk about your dates on social media 

It’s the easiest way for people to piece that you hang out outside the office. Even if they don’t realise you’re dating, they’ll have their eyes on you. 

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Deny everything

If all else fails, and you get caught, deny everything. Lie today, lie tomorrow, lie forever more. 

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