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More survivors and witnesses yesterday gave a graphic picture of how the 21-storey building under construction in Ikoyi, Lagos collapsed and how they tried to rescue victims.

How I escaped death, by bricklayer

A bricklayer, Wisdom John, who sustained a minor leg injury, said that he was able to escape before the structure collapsed. He claimed he was just brought in from Cross River State, adding that there were about 55 persons brought from different parts of the country to work there. According to him, he and 39 others were brought on Sunday, while 15 other artisans joined them on Monday before the building collapsed.

“I am a bricklayer from Cross River State. I was brought in to work in the building. I was working downstairs when we started hearing cracks and some of us decided to know what was happening. I was able to run out before the building finally collapsed. The others were not so lucky. I only sustained injury on my foot.

“We were first 40 artisans working but the owner brought in 15 people today – making 55. I do not know their names since I only came in yesterday.

“I reported to the agencies on ground (paramedics), but was told to go home since it was only a minor foot injury. They said they can’t take me to the hospital,” he said.


An artisan who was working in a nearby building said he and his colleagues felt the vibration of the structure from the property they were working in, adding that they immediately ran out only to hear their colleagues screaming for help. He said: “We were working beside the building while some others were working inside the collapsed building.

“More than 50 people were working inside this big building when it collapsed. The building started vibrating and the next thing was that it came down. “One person was pulled out lifeless. The owner, Mr. Femi is inside. We were talking with some of our colleagues who are trapped inside when the building collapsed. We called emergency workers from 2 pm but they did not get here till past 4 pm (on Monday). We are glad they are here now because it will be faster.


“Since they got here, some others have been rescued. Those ones are alive and were taken to the ambulance.”

Why I joined the rescue team, by dispatch rider


A dispatch rider, Rasheed Olamilekan, who joined the rescue team around 2:30 pm on Monday, said they saw about four dead bodies, adding that three persons were rescued alive and taken to the hospital.

He said he was on his way to Ajah, Lagos, when he saw the incident and stopped to render help.

“Immediately I stopped and other people too stopped so we could help those in need. We rescued like three people and we saw like four people who died. We called the emergency many times but nobody came here. I got here around 2:30 pm. People were shouting inside the building when we got here,” he said.

‘Six persons were recovered dead and one rescued alive’


A resident, Jerry, however, claimed that six persons were recovered dead and one rescued alive before emergency workers arrived the scene.

He said people were initially scared to go into the building the moment it collapsed, adding that they later mustered the courage following the screams of those who were inside.


He said: “I live around this side and I saw how scared people were before we went in. We were able to rescue my friend alive and he was taken to the hospital while we brought out six dead bodies apart from the ones the police rescued.

“You see, immediately the police came in, they sent all of us away and we are not able to continue our rescue mission. I am very sure if the police did not send us out, we would have rescued more people because we were even hearing their voices before they sent us out.

Lennox Mall

“If I am not mistaken, about 40 to 50 people were in the building before it collapsed. It took over an hour before the rescue team came, we were the ones doing the rescuing before they came”.

The late arrival of rescuers led to protests from onlookers who lamented that if adequate equipment were available in good time, more lives would have been saved.


Another witness, who craved anonymity, claimed that some Mobile Policemen were among those trapped in the collapsed building, adding that people were working on various floors of the project.

CP: three discharged, six undergoing treatment


Three of the nine survivors in the building collapse have been discharged from the hospital, it was learnt yesterday.

Commissioner of Police (CP) Hakeem Odumosu last night said 21 bodies have been recovered while nine persons were rescued.

According to Odumosu, three have been discharged from the hospital leaving six being treated.

Odumosu said he could not confirm whether the owner of the building was trapped under the rubble.


He said: “…we cannot confirm authoritatively until the operation is over and we get to what technically we call ground zero – that is seeing the whole thing. After then, we will now take the roll call; the site engineers will give us the list of those who were employed and who are engaged. Through that one, we will know who remains, but as for now we cannot confirm authoritatively that the developer is there or not.”

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