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Former Governor of Ogun State, Chief Olusegun Osoba has accused former governors, Gbenga Daniel and Ibikunle Amosun of harassing and traumatising him for 16 years after he left office in 2003.

Otunba Gbenga Daniel succeeded Osoba in 2003 and he was also succeeded by Ibikunle Amosun in 2011.

Speaking in Abeokuta on Tuesday during the commissioning of a press centre built in the premises of the Ogun Governor’s Office in Abeokuta and named ‘Olusegun Osoba Press Centre.’ Osoba described his experience in the hands of his successors as “traumatic.”

He said he was declared persona non grata by Gbenga Daniel’s government, under who he said he could not visit Ogun State, let alone visiting the governor’s office in Okemosan.

Osoba said: “When I left office, I was so harassed to the point that all the plaques and the symbols of all the projects I did were the first to be removed throughout the state.

“The first 16 years of my leaving this office have been very, very traumatic. I never came back, I became a snake that doesn’t go back to where it has turned over its skin. This premises (Governor’s office) became no go area for me. To imagine that in my life my return to this premises will be this glorious is something of emotion.

“The first eight years, I was virtually declared persona non grata in Ogun state, well that is settled, those involved have come to apologize. Niran Malaolu was the first to come and apologise. “My name was sent to EFCC so many times. The EFCC investigated and investigated because everything was documented in files, they found nothing.


“I couldn’t come to Abeokuta not to talk of visiting the office of the Governor. The other eight years, that one also became problematic,” he said.

Osoba who expressed his joy for coming back to the Oke-Mosan Governor’s office after 16 years of leaving office, said “Mr. Governor, you will not know how many hours you have added to my life with this action today. It may be hours, it may be weeks, days, it may be years, but you have added something very great to my life today.”


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