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Congratulations Senator Prince Ned Nwoko representing Delta North senatorial Zone

It’s been a long process but finally, months after the official election, with the [Almighty BVAS] and electronic transmission of results from polling units branded by INEC as the game changer, which they woefully failed to adhere to, contravening their own rules for live updates of results from polling units, and having diligently followed Justice Catherine Ogunsanya, Judgement over the National Assembly Elections Petition Tribunal in Asaba, Delta State, which on Thursday 7th Sep. affirmed Senator Ned Nwoko, a fellow contestant for Delta North senatorial election under PDP as the winner of the 2023 Delta North senatorial election.

Having waited patiently for this legal democratic means and processes of the electoral law, with specific emphasis on Delta North Senatorial National Assembly Elections Petition Tribunal in Asaba, Delta State, it’s time to bring this to a democratic conclusion and to move on with state and Nation building.

I wish to officially congratulate my Senator, Prince Ned Nwoko on his election both at the poll and at the tribunal. I had the privilege of a robust conversation with him prior to the election about Anioma, Delta State, and Nigeria and I have no doubt he meant well for Delta North and ANIOMA Nation. I sincerely wish him well and I pledge to support him for the good of the Anioma people, Delta North, Delta State, and Nigeria. The people of Delta North have spoken and the court of competent jurisdiction has affirmed that. As good democrats, I call on all to join hands with him to make Delta State and Nigeria a better place.

To my many supporters, we crossed seven seas, rode boats in floods, walked on foot in farm settlements, and talked with royal fathers & mothers, market women, pastors, union leaders, youth mobilizers, and school students in search of homeland development and a better Anioma. In the end, we were unable to convince the majority of Delta Northerns the need for a paradigm shift in Delta North for a different kind of representation and oversight of the institutions of Governance, advocacy for Resource Management, Tax Reform, Security Sector Reform, and Constitutional Reform for an equal, fair, just, and a strong united Federal Republic of Nigeria while making ANIOMA destination for smart investment and youth capacity building.

But in all things, I am extremely grateful that the ADC and star alliance partners have redrawn the political lines in Nigeria and Delta North and set a historic, patriotic, pragmatic, and responsible politicking where the people come first. I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to run for one of the highest public offices in Nigeria for the sole purpose of enriching the lives of my people, as I have done actively for the past 3 decades of my life, both locally and in the diaspora.


I took this road, not for petty partisan sentiments or material gain, but to add my voice to several millions of Nigerians who have been subjected needlessly to untold hardship. I thank my family and team for standing by me from the beginning of this journey and the many Delta Northerns who shared these burdens and excitement with us. For Delta North, my burden is clear: We are too rich to be this poor and bereft of infrastructural development and social reform. I do not doubt in my mind that Anioma can be better than it is today. I join in wish expressed by Senstor, Prince Ned Nwoko, that It is time to face the reality of the moment. I welcome and rejoice in his promises to promote the best interests of the Anioma people and all residents of Delta North which he will pursued with unwavering commitment.

I am extremely grateful to my dear family (Tanja, Fabian, and Nelly) for keeping up with my long absence from Germany in my bid to serve my people. I am grateful to my siblings, the great children of Chief E.C. and Ezinne V.A. Gbandi, especially my immediate senior brother Charles for the moral and material support. I thank my team Fiona, Mark, Chukwugozi, and ADC Delta State and Dr. Chukwuka Monye, ADC presidential Aspirant for standing by me from the beginning of this journey and the many Delta Northerns and friends both at home and in the Diaspora who shared these burdens and excitement with us. I thank our National Chairman, Chief R.O. Nwosu, for his visionary leadership that gave rise to the ADC-Diaspora Network. Above all, I give all Glory to God for his mercy and protection to date.


As a proud ANIOMA son, I look forward to supporting my distinguished senator Prince Ned Nwoko. I pledge to support him and to rally Delta indigenes and Nigerians in the Diaspora to support his program and ideas to improve ANIOMA, Nigeria, and to improve Diaspora visibility in the economic and social-political space in Nigeria.

As a proud member of the African Democratic Congress (ADC), I will engage our distinguished senator in constructive, effective, and responsible criticism to make sure that the development trajectory of Delta North is improved and sustained for equal, fair, just, and strong united Delta State that will be the destination for smart investment and youth capacity building.


God bless Senator Prince Ned Nwoko representing Delta North senatorial Zone
God Bless Delta North
God Bless Delta State
God Bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Kenneth Chi Onye bu Ogwua Gbandi, Deputy National Chairman (Diaspora Engagement) African Democratic Congress (ADC)

Senate candidate for Delta North, African Democratic Congress (ADC)

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