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Google has introduced new tools to help users stay in control of their personal information, privacy, and online safety.

Google is also making it easy to find parental settings straight in Search. Users can do so by typing an appropriate query, such as “Google parental controls” or “Google family link,” and they will be presented with a box with information on how to modify their parental controls.

While these tools are currently available in the U.S. and in English for a start, Google said it is working to bring it to new languages and other countries globally.

Google’s vice president, Danielle Romain, while announcing the tool via a blog post, disclosed that, “In the coming days, we will be rolling out a new dashboard that will let you know if web results with your contact information are showing up on Search. Then, you can quickly request the removal of those results from Google right in the tool. We will also notify you when new results from the web containing your contact info pop up in Search, to give you added peace of mind.”

“We are also making it easier to find parental controls directly in Search. Just type in a relevant query like ‘google parental controls’ or ‘Google family link and you will see a box with information on how to manage your parental controls. Users can access this tool in the Google app by clicking on their Google account photo and selecting “Results about you,” or by visiting the ‘Results about you’ website.”



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