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Artificial intelligence can take notes on people’s behalf

Google Meet will now let an AI attend a meeting for you.

The company is rolling out its “Duet AI” which integrates artificial intelligence into Google Meet, its video chat service.

It brings a whole host of features with it: it can automatically improve the look, lighting and sound of a video caller, for instance, and detect people’s faces so that they do not appear far away in meeting rooms. It will automatically generate captions in 18 languages, detecting what is being spoken and showing translation in real-time.

But perhaps most notable is a system that can use artificial intelligence to watch meetings and then recap them. Users can delegate note-taking, so that an automatically generated summary of a meeting is sent to attendees when a meeting is over.

And if someone arrives late to a meeting, they will be able to see a “summary so far” that will catch them up with everything that has been said.


If they do not want to attend the meeting at all, they can choose “attend for me”, sending the AI to the meeting in behalf, passing on any message or input and then sending a recap after it is over.

Artificial intelligence in meetings has proven controversial in recent weeks. A new change to Zoom’s rules led to fears that it was using private calls to train its AI systems – and while the company denied it, it caused a run of concern about whether meetings were really private.


Google said that when using the Duet tool “no other user will see your data and Google does not use your data to train our models without your permission”. All interactions with the Duet AI are “private to you”, Google said.


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