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God spoke in the Bible in Isaiah 49:26: “I will make your oppressors eat their own flesh; they will be drunk on their own blood, as with sweet wine…”

As one of God’s messengers in Nigeria, I have been sent specifically to warn all the corrupt rulers and wicked oppressors in corridors of power in Nigeria, that the dreadful wrath of God is about to fall heavily on them.

It may happen any moment from now!

God is totally displeased with the untold hardships that Nigerians have been subjected to, especially in the last three weeks – scarcity of new Naira notes, scarcity of petrol, rejection of old Naira notes, inability to buy foodstuffs and serious hunger afflicting the masses.

Unless the President, his cronies, appointees, the state governors and the National Assembly members act swiftly to stop the current sufferings, pain, agony, discomfort, and financial fiasco unleashed on Nigerians, God’s wrath is about to fall heavily on the leaders and politicians!
It will happen very soon!

At the same time, God is ready to deliver the oppressed from the oppressors in Nigeria.
I see the oppressors in Nigeria being heavily afflicted by calamities yet unseen in this country.
It is very scary!


I have delivered the message.

Dr. Yemi E. Ajimatanrareje, Overseer, Open Heavens Community Church Worldwide.

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