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Sleeping apart for a couple can seem harsh, but it can come with its set of advantages. Here are some advantages to sleeping separately from a spouse:

You can get up on your schedule

You may need to sleep separately from your partner because you have a different schedule than them. They may need to get up early to go to work when they can sleep in for a few hours.

You can take up as much space as you want

You can take the whole space on your bed  when you are sleeping in separate beds. You won’t have to save some space for your spouse or anyone else so that you can sleep however you want.

You won’t hear snoring


You may also be interested in sleeping separately if one of you snores and the other doesn’t.

For instance, if your spouse keeps you awake every night with their snoring and this makes you have a terrible night’s sleep, having your own space to get some rest may be required.


You don’t have to share blankets

Something else that may be an issue of why your wife wants to sleep in separate rooms is that you need help sharing covers or blankets.


When you are sleeping in a space that is all your own, you can have all the blankets, and you won’t have to share. This is something that can keep you cozy and comfortable throughout the night.

You may get better sleep

There’s a chance that you may get better sleep when you are sleeping in separate beds from your partner.

You may not have to worry about tossing and turning, and you won’t be awakened by another person getting up to go to the bathroom or kitchen in the middle of the night. This can lead to you getting the proper amount of rest every night.


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