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The National Orientation Agency (NOA), the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC), and the Civil Society Coalition have attributed the rising insecurity in the country to factors that include running the affairs of the country on a faulty constitution, political instability and unemployment.

Other factors pointed out in a communique issued at the end of a two-day workshop on community security and citizen’s awareness organised by Women’s Organisation for Empowerment of Communities in Abeokuta, are religious and ethnic bias, the influx of small arms, lack of political will, boundary conflicts; poverty and greed.

They argued that leadership crisis, loss of cultural/moral values and norms, diverse interests; drug abuse and cultism also encourage insecurity in the country without check.

They urged the government to set aside a faulty constitution for a peoples-oriented constitution, adding that Nigeria should practise a true federal system of government that will give room for resources control.

They further added that concerted efforts must be geared by all concerned in order to rid the country of these vices for peace to reign.

In the communique, they also recommended regular dialogue and sensitization on the dangers of the insecurity and reintroduction of cultural/moral values and norms in homes and educational curriculum.


While presenting a paper earlier, NOA Director, Sola Babalola, said the danger of insecurity could not be overemphasised hence the need for all Nigerians to come together and find a lasting solution to the problem.

The NOA director who spoke on “Insecurity in Nigeria: Citizens Safety Sensitization and Awareness Creation” advised that the security of the nation should not be left with the security operatives and that every citizen of the nation should be involved.


In the same vein, Chairman, Civil Society Coalition, Yinka Folarin, who also presented a paper at the event said the implication of insecurity has led to economic calamity for the country, noting that distrust is discouraging foreign investment and has caused internal displacement.

Folarin said: “The citizens can no longer enjoy the supposed primary purpose of government which ought to be welfare and adequate security of lives and property of the people.


“Going forward, the only solution is for the country to be restructured with every organ given attention to, particularly in resource control formula and devolution of power. If we must remain under federalism arrangement, then it must be true federalism.”

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