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AS cost of living is getting out of reach of common man, the evil ones in our midst are perfecting their plans to reap where they did not sow.

Meanwhile, their targets are the innocent and gullible Nigerians who are uninformed.

I wish to take it upon myself to expose these evil lazy ones as part of Social Corporate Responsibility (CSR) of SOJ worldwide online news to all our readers.

Categories of Scammers:

1). These ones had been on for sometime but are now very desperate to defraud innocent Nigerians. They will call you by your names and mention the WhatsApp group you belong to convince and confuse you. They will tell you if you are not aware there is training in the group. Expected answer is that you are not aware. They will pretend to offer assistance so that you can join at a specific time by sending a code to your phone as a text message, requesting you to tell them the code. The problem starts from where you send or tell them codes.

Once you send the codes, first, they will hack your phone number, take over all your Social Media contacts empty your bank account, use your contacts to defraud people.
If you fall victim, rush to block your bank accounts, you may be lucky if they have not emptied it.

Go to your Network Provider, MTN, GLO, AIRTEL OR ETISALAT to report so that they can retrieve back your number.
I have received up to five calls within two weeks, I was tired of cursing them. The last one said he was Pastor Vincent. After listening to him patiently, I told him “and you called yourself a Pastor using the name of God to defraud innocent people.” He cut off the phone.

2) These ones are experts who are knowledgeable about internet programming.  They go out to either withdraw, transfer cash from POS Operators or buy goods or services with a promise to transfer funds into your account.  You will actually receive credit alerts on your phone but it is fake.


From my findings, these Fraudsters have a dubious Application named, ProBank they are using it to send the fake alerts.  They have used it to siphon millions of Naira from people’s accounts.

Source: Voice Air Media

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