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Superintendent of Customs, Segun Owombo, who squealed on the syndicate specializing in aiding and abetting trans-border smuggling of petroleum products at the Adamawa state command of the service, has now been released by the Nigeria Customs Service.

SC Owombo was arrested and put in open detention at the Customs Headquarters in November 2022 after the video where he exposed the smuggling syndicate among his colleagues who were aiding and abetting the smuggling of petrol across the border to Cameroon, Niger and Chad went viral.

He had, in the viral video in November 2022, openly described how he arrested some tankers laden with refined petroleum products being smuggled across the Nigerian borders at the Malabo checkpoint on Belel Road, Adamawa state on November 2nd, 2022 into the neighbouring countries of Cameroon, Chad and Niger Republic.

He has also alleged official collaboration with the smugglers and intimidation in an attempt to cover up through threats to his life.

However, in another video released this week by SC Owombo, the whistle-blowing officer said the Customs authority has finally released him from detention.

In the new video where the officer spoke in Yoruba, he narrated his ordeal and the attempts made on his life while in detention.


He, however, thanked all well-meaning Nigerians, sympathizers and well-wishers who stood by him in his hours of tribulation.

He particularly thanked the Comptroller-General of Customs, Col.(rtd.) Hameed Ali for his release while calling for more arrests of the collaborators of the smuggling syndicate on which he claimed he has tons of evidence.


”My name is Segun Owombo, a Superintendent of Customs who has been in detention since November 2022 over my expose on trans-border smugglers of petroleum products at Adamawa state command.

”I thank all the kings, Chiefs and well-meaning Nigerians who stood by me while in detention.


”I was subjected to a series of tests to determine my state of mind since they claimed i was of unstable mind when they arrested me

”But no trace of drug was found in my blood.

”What was diagnosed by the Doctor was Hepatitis B and the Doctor recommended that I be treated urgently.

”But they hid the diagnosis and the recommendation of the Doctor, thinking that I would die of the ailment.


”But well-wishers were bringing drugs to me in detention to cure the ailment.

”I greet those who stood by me while in detention.


”I was the only Yoruba Christian among my colleagues at the checkpoint at Adamawa state command and no one was arrested except me.

”I thank the management of Customs for deeming it fit to eventually invite these officers to Abuja to face a panel of inquiry over the incident.

Lennox Mall

”People should please monitor the proceedings because I have lots of evidence against them.

”They should also invite Comptroller Jato to appear before that panel and explain what he knew about this matter. They should also invite Amu Garuba and CSC Adamu who cocked his gun and threatened to shoot me.


All these officers I mentioned were not included among those invited to Abuja. They should summon all of them to state what they knew about the matter because I have tons of evidence against them.

”People should continue to pray for me in this struggle because it doesn’t take age or size for those who will cleanse the country of the rot.


”I particularly thanked Comptroller-General Hameed Ali for my release. He is a man of truth. He does not know most of the atrocities being committed in the service because they are being shielded from him by the cabal, those people who regard themselves as the power that be who implicate anyone who wants to speak the truth in the service.”

Meanwhile, the management of the Nigeria Customs Service has placed 14 officers from Adamawa command under in-house investigation over their alleged involvement in the smuggling of petroleum products along Nigerian borders with Chad, Niger and Cameroon.

The officers, who had since left their duty post in Adamawa to Abuja, are expected to face a panel of inquiry by the Customs Police Unit(CPU) at the Customs headquarters Tuesday, June 13th, 2023.

In a Circular with Reference No: NCS/CPU/HQ/VOL. 10/No74 dated June 8, 2023, titled: Invitation To Report At Customs Police Headquarters and signed by B. S. Sani, a Deputy Comptroller of Customs, the affected officers were ordered to report as directed.


The Circular reads ”Sequel to ongoing investigation directed by the CGC, the under listed officers are requested to report unfailingly at the CPU Headquarters on the 13th of June, 2023 by 11.00 Hrs”.

Among the officers mainly from the Adamawa State Customs Command, are Chief Superintendent of Customs (CSC) G. Almu with Service Number (SN) 43223; Deputy Superintendent of Customs (DSC) G. I. Kadiri with SN 54247; Assistant Superintendent of Customs (ASC 1) U. T. Abdulhamid with SN 38421; ASC1 H. O. Ibraheem with SN 43599 and ASC1 A. I. Hassan with SN 50475.

Others are ASC II S. Magaji with SN 53017; ASC II I. Bashir with SN 53750; Inspector of Customs (I C) (OPS) A. Jalo with SN 47071; Assistant Inspector of Customs (AIC) H. Usman with SN 45755; AIC V. P. Igbo with SN 46207; AIC G. M. Ikpene with SN 46621; AIC S. Garba with SN 45919; AIC F. Nwumfe with SN 53535 and Assistant Inspector (CAI) (T) A. Ismaila.

Our reporter gathered that the identification of the officers linked with the wanton smuggling of petrol tankers across the border might not be unconnected with the viral video posted by one Owombo Segun John, a Superintendent of Customs, who exposed the smuggling ring among the Customs officers at the Adamawa state Command.

Source: Eyewitnessnews

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