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According to the tech mogul, the essentials will be engineering and human-interactive careers.

Elon Musk has made many predictions about the future of society and the role that his companies Tesla and SpaceX will play. The millionaire has very strong opinions and is not afraid to express them in interviews, conferences, and even on social networks. This time, he spoke about the impact that Artificial Intelligencewill have on the jobs of the future and mentioned the careers that will be safe.

“Artificial Intelligence will make jobs a little pointless,” Musk said Thursday at the World Conference on Artificial Intelligence.

At the event they asked him if they should be worried. The development of new technologies has always made some obsolete jobs, but it also generates new needs, the question is knowing how to adapt. Although a machine can do the work that once belonged to one person, it now requires someone to control the machine.

According to Musk, people who know how to develop Artificial Intelligence software or program machines. However, there will come a point where AI can write its own software. So what jobs are safe?

The production and distribution of all sectors is probably in the hands of technology. What will be needed in this futuristic society will be human interaction.


“If you’re working on something that involves people or engineering, it’s probably a good focus for your future,” Musk concluded.



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