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THE Edo State chapter of the People Democratic Party has likened the All Progressives Congress to a desperate conman willing to do anything to return to power in the state.

State Publicity Secretary of the PDP, Chris Nehikhare, said this in response to allegations by the APC that Governor Godwin Obaseki-led PDP administration in Edo State is the worst in history.

Nehikhare said, “The rantings late on Sunday from Col. David Imuse (Retd), was his way to announce his selection as State Chairman of the rag-tag political party called APC in Edo state.

“APC is like a desperate conman. Like the dodgiest of used-car salesmen, APC is trying to flog a clapped-out, broken-down model by slapping on a new coat of paint.

“They are arrogant enough to think that Edo people will forget what they are.

“Edo PDP congratulates him and his equally selected executives. But we must say Edo people are utterly disappointed.


“Edo people were hoping for a quality team to keep the ruling party and government on its toes, to attempt to stand in the gap for them but what Edo people have been saddled with is a team that lacks vision and inspiration but is motivated by greed, bitterness, resentment, and cynicism.

“The APC executive is a selection of cronies of the defeated godfather. It’s a pity that APC has still not exorcised the demons in their midst.


“In a futile attempt to sound tough and knowledgeable, they resort to catchy headlines, spurious initiatives, and empty rhetoric.”

The PDP Spokesperson said the APC was saddened that since Obaseki left its fold, he was performing his duties unfettered and has etched his record of achievement in the hearts of the people.


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