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  • Says Igbo have rejected new security outfit, embraced ESN
  • ‘Yoruba defended Igboho but S/East govs see Kanu as a threat’

Ever since the South-East governors announced the formation of a regional security outfit, Ebube Agu, there have been mixed reactions from the zone. Instead of widespread optimism, skepticism over the prospects of the agency continues to grow.

The Indigenous People of Biafra, IPoB, which had earlier threatened that anyone found associating with Ebube Agu should be ready to meet his ancestors, in this interview, explains its opposition to the outfit. IPoB’s spokesperson, Emma Powerful, who speaks on behalf of the group, dismisses Ebube Agu as an imaginary outfit that won’t work.

The South-East governors woke up from what seems like slumber and established a security outfit, Ebube Agu. Does that mean anything to IPoB?

Those spearheading the formation of Ebube Agu security network are failures. When our people needed them for protection they were nowhere to be found. Instead of standing to be counted, they were rather waiting for instructions. And now that their masters have instructed them on what to do, that is why they hurriedly announced the imaginary outfit.

We know their mission. The outfit will be an extension of the Nigeria security agencies to spy on our gallant Eastern Security Network, ESN, and pro-Biafra groups. The so-called Ebube Agu will be infiltrated by thugs and saboteurs to hunt ESN and IPoB members. They want to fight us using our own people. But we are smarter. We are miles ahead of their game plan.

Coming at a time IPoB already has the Eastern Nigeria Security Network,ESN, there seems to be a lot of concerns about how Ebube Agu would work…


IPoB members and ESN operatives can’t work side by side with any other group that does not know how we operate. In fact, Ebube Agu is a suspect. We can never operate together or co-exist. One must give way for the other. We can never trust any outfit formed by our governors for the security and defense of our land.

Why are they suddenly realising that a regional security outfit should be set up for the defense of the South-East after foot-dragging for many months? These governors who can sacrifice the collective interest of Ndigbo on the altar of their political future cannot be trusted. They are the worst set of Igbo leaders ever seen. They don’t have the interest of the masses at heart.


Why have they been quiet over the atrocities of  herdsmen in the South-East all along if they truly care for the people? They are political merchants whose interest is only about political office at all costs. Why haven’t they been courageous enough to implement the ban on open grazing like Governor Otorm of Benue is doing?

There is no way you will expect the brainchild of this set of people to be in the best interest of the masses. Therefore, we can’t work together with their brainchild. Period!


Let me quickly remind them that if their intention is to use their abstract Ebube Agu to spy and hunt down ESN and IPoB, they won’t succeed. That alone will bring their own end because IPoB and ESN will moblise our people to ensure they meet their waterloo.

We pity those they are going to recruit into the outfit. They should be prepared to meet their ancestors soon if their mission is to spy on ESN. We assure them that they will certainly see ESN in the bush but will not return to tell the story. We don’t care to know who they may be.

The action of the governors, to a lot of people, especially in the Southeast, is belated and may not likely achieve desired goals…

Yes, their action is belated and an afterthought. Where were they when their counterparts in the South-West formed Amotekun?


Like I told you, the sleepy governors were waiting for instructions. Now, they have been told what to do, they just woke from their slumber to deceive the gullible. But we know better. Their action is belated and our people have since embraced ESN which came to rescue them when it counted most. We no longer need any other security outfit, especially the one coming from governors which we see as an afterthought.

Looking at the scale of insecurity in the region, especially killings by suspected herdsmen, do you think the action of the governors is the appropriate response?


Their action cannot be appropriate but rather, it is confusion in itself. How can you announce the establishment of a security outfit without personnel? When Amotekun was set up, did you not see their men and their equipment and uniform? When ESN was floated by our leader, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, did you not see photos of ESN gallant officers and men? So, from the style of the governors alone you can see they are not serious. You can be sure that they won’t be able to even pay the salaries of the personnel of the so-called outfit.

I want to make it clear that IPoB and ESN are not for Ndigbo alone but for all the nationalities in the entire region. Our mandate is to provide protection and defense for the entire region.

Lennox Mall

Some argued that Ebube Agu has come to literally take over the tasks of ESN. To them, the outfit serves as a substitute. Does that make any sense to you?

You can’t compare a lion with a goat. There is no basis for that at all. How can imaginary Ebube Agu take over from formidable groups like ESN and IPoB? Who trained them? Can they swim in the river where we take our bath?


Can I ask you: Is there any state in the South-East that doesn’t have state vigilante groups before now? Have any of them been able to challenge the killer herdsmen raping and slaughtering people in our communities?

But today the greatest nightmare of the killer herdsmen is ESN that is less than six months old. That is why they quickly asked the governors whom they installed to float the Ebube Agu outfit to checkmate ESN and IPoB but they will all be disappointed.


A South-East governor, while speaking on the formation of the security outfit, said he does not agree with IPoB’s strategy but accepts that most issues being raised by IPoB are valid. What do you make of that?

The governors knew very well that what IPoB is talking about is good but because they want to protect their offices they pretended as if they don’t see or hear. They all know the truth but are afraid to speak up because of political interest.

Those ruling this country have intimidated them into submission and that is why IPoB is telling them to stand up. They cannot do anything as long as IPoB is concerned.

Again, didn’t you see how the Yoruba nation rose in defense of Sunday Igboho? But here our own governors proscribed IPoB and saw our leader, Nnamdi Kanu as a threat to their political ambitions.


Since the new security outfit is targeted at insecurity in the region, would IPoB offer any form of assistance even if it is unsolicited?

Already, IPoB and ESN have been the ones resisting the jihadists from overrunning our communities. If not for our gallantry, killer herdsmen and their sponsors would have accomplished their evil agenda. So, we are already in it all alone and will continue to defend our people because it is our mandate.

Despite the presence of ESN across southeastern states, killings by suspected herdsmen are happening in succession in Ebonyi State…

Do you know how many attempted attacks by Fulani herdsmen that ESN and IPoB foiled in the South-East and South-South? We are not here to sing our praise but if attacks by herdsmen are still noticeable despite our presence, then imagine what it would have been like without us. Don’t also forget the entire Nigeria security agencies and providing cover for these attackers. Our men are resisting many enemies at the same time.

Can’t you see the way the military uses fighter jets to bomb areas where these Janjaweed vampires are resisted? But the same military will even exonerate Boko Haram when they claim responsibility for downing a military jet.

An All Progressives Congress, APC, chieftain hailed South-East governors for forming Ebube Agu. He said IPoB should dissolve ESN. Would IPoB heed the advice?

The man you are talking about is nobody. He is only trying to be relevant by attacking IPoB or ESN. You know that failed politicians or those trying to gain political relevance simply resort to attacking IPoB or our leader.

We don’t dignify such liabilities with a response. The governors can only dissolve ESN if they have control over it, but if they don’t, how can they?

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