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Former presidential aide, Dr. Doyin Okupe has given hope to actress Kemi Afolabi over her ailment, Lupus.

Okupe, in an open letter, expressed that while Lupus is incurable, it is untrue that the actress has limited years to live.

“My dear Kemi, I read about your affliction with Lupus with much compassion. I was, however, saddened by your announcement that doctors told you that you have about five years to live. This is untrue. It is a lie of the devil,” the co-founder of Royal Cross Medical Centre noted.

Okupe also noted that though the ailment is incurable, there are cases of complete remissions.

“True Lupus is incurable but there are recorded cases of inexplicable complete remissions,” he said.

The former Special Assistant to ex-Presidents Obasanjo and Jonathan respectively further advised the ‘Modorisa’ actress to entrust her treatment and medical care in the hands of doctors and her faith in God.


“Please entrust your treatment and medical care to your doctors but your length of days is totally in the hands of your creator the Almighty God who is mightier than any disease and greater than any doctor.

“Also, I can tell you for a fact that I know people who have been living with Lupus for more than 10yrs.


“They take their treatments faithfully but rely on God exclusively. Put your trust in God and Jesus, whose name is above everything including Lupus, and you will receive mercy as I have received personally and others too,” he said.

Okupe prayed for Afolabi with the belief that she will come out of the ailment stronger.


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