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The roof of the complex housing the two Chambers of the National Assembly caved in to Tuesday’s torrential rainfall, leaking unstoppably from different points, causing members and other stakeholders to seek for shelter from water dripping on them.

Most affected was the foyer of the White House, according to reports by witnesses.

Cleaners in the National Assembly were immediately deployed in the affected places with containers placed at the leaking spots to collect the dripping water.

The cleaners were equally seen mopping and drying up the arena which was becoming flooded.

Some senators came out to have a view of the development.

Most of them were seen discussing the incident.


It would be recalled that the National Assembly had earmarked N37billion in the 2021 budget for repair of the complex.

The figure however generated uproar and condemnation from a wide spectrum of Nigerians who contended that the amount was too huge.


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