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Mr. Dele Alake, a ministerial-designate from Ekiti State has been described as a true and brilliant son of the state, worthy of being appointed as a minister-designate of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

A group, the Kayode Ojo Political Organisation in Ekiti State, stated this in a rejoinder to a claim by one other group, the IBILE Organisation, that the state has no minister in the government of President Bola Tinubu.

The rejoinder was signed by political leaders from the three senatorial districts in the state, namely Ekiti Central, Ekiti South, and Ekiti North.

The signatories included; Rt. Hon. Ajayi Opeyemi, Alhaji Gidado and High Chief Adeyeye, Omonio of Ikoro (Ekiti Central);

Hon. Gbenga Falaye, Rt. Hon. Kola Adefemi and Hon. Olukayode Adeyemo(Ekiti South); and

Hon. Lanre Fayemi, Rt. Hon. Sola Omolayo and Elder Kayode Oso (Ekiti North Senatorial District).


Ibile Organisation had reportedly issued a statement declaring that “Ekiti has no minister in Tinubu’s government”. The statement, issued by Ibile Organisation on Thursday, was signed by its Chairman, Chief Kunle Obalola, and General Secretary, Deji Omotoyinbo.

While acknowledging that Dele Alake is from Ekiti State, the group had claimed that his nomination as a minister-designate did not resonate among Ekiti people at home and in the Diaspora.


It further stated that the choice of Alake as a minister-designate was based on his personal relationship with Tinubu and not in any way tied to the political, economic, and electoral fortunes of the people of Ekiti State.

However, the Kayode Ojo Political Organisation in Ekiti State took a swipe at the Ibile Organisation, describing its statement as that of “self-appointed letter writers and latter-day hagiographers.”


The organisation thanked President Tinubu for appointing Dele Alake, who they described as “a true and brilliant son of Ikoro Ekiti, Ekiti State”, as one of his ministers.

The group agreed with Ibile Organisation for asking for more slots for Ekiti in the federal cabinet, given the contributions of the state to the victory of the president at the February polls.

“We however consider it jejune and a nonsensical reasoning to posit that the nomination of Mr Dele Alake did not get popular acclaim.

“We know and we are sure that this group, Ibile, is doing a political hatchet job for a self-styled democrat in Ekiti.


“We want to put it on record that Mr Dele Alake as a credible politician, stood for an election, in 2011 to go to the Senate in Ekiti State on the platform of the then Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN). “He was coasting home to victory in the Ekiti Central Senatorial District before the crisis erupted and the election was cancelled.

“The man, Dele Alake, has helped so many sons and daughters of his home town, Ikoro Ekiti and Ekiti State in their different areas of endeavours.


“Dele Alake went to the prestigious Christ School, Ado Ekiti for his secondary school education. What this group of hatchet jobbers expected him to do was to go back to Eso Obe Secondary School at Ikoro Ekiti and start teaching.

“They wanted him to become a local teacher without making an attempt to proceed further to advance his career in life.

Lennox Mall

“It is a truism that in Nigeria politics no local politician can ride to national prominence and ululations without proper networking with the movers and shakers of the political space across the nation.

“We expect Ibile Organisation to shun its puerile train of thoughts to know that Mr Dele Alake’s relationship with the president is a great asset to Ekiti, rather than a liability.


“This is because the relationship will usher in, and advance the course of developmental politics, rather than the mere showmanship that we have witnessed over the years.

“They even acknowledged that Mr. Alake is from a distinguished family in Ikoro-Ekiti.


“They admitted that Alake stood for democracy in the most difficult moments. They said he is known for his hard work, diligence and commitment to duty. What else do they want?

‘It is good to note that Senator Olamilekan Adeola (Yayi) was a senator in Lagos.

“He moved back to Ogun State to contest the same senatorial seat and won. Nobody has said that the senatorial position of Yayi didn’t strike a cord.

“Former Vice President Yemi Osinbajo played all his politics in Lagos State. However, he is from Ikenne in Ogun State.


“A new ministerial-designate, Wale Edun, is representing Ogun State. He has however played all his politics all his life in Lagos and nobody in Ogun has lifted a finger to complain.

“What’s wrong with you people in Ekiti? Minister can only bring development to his people if he is connected to the levers of power and has the love of his people at heart. This is what Dele Alake represents.

“We have seen situations in Ekiti where political appointees have been in office for eight years, either as commissioners or holders of other important political offices.

“They don’t have any ancestral link whatsoever with Ekiti other than the filial relationships with the governor. We can give names if prodded to so do.

“Ibile Organisation should stop stressing itself about some deliberate acts of exaggerated self-adulation and inflated emptiness and stop doing a hatchet job.

“We are poised to parade our best brains and first 11 in Ekiti. Mr Dele Alake represents some of our best in Ekiti State.

“We urge you to be reasonable in your thoughts and intendments,” the Kayode Ojo Political Organisation stated.

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