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By Dr Doyin Okupe

I think I should begin by commenting on the Bola Tinubu’s purported ” slump” or “stumbling” at the Arewa Lecture.Please let it be clear that I am not commenting on the state  of health of Asiwaju. Just on my own observation drawn from watching the video currently in circulation.There was neither a fall nor a slump. From that video these english words cannot be ascribed to what is seen on the video.What I saw was a Bola Tinubu walking on a plain and unaware of a step down in level or a slight decent which created a mis-step and a stumble leading to a brief staggering which can happen to anyone walking in a crowded unfamiliar terrain.

Besides this I personally see Bola Tinubu as a formidable opponent in the 2023 presidential race.Asiwaju is one of the most politically sagacious politician in this period. His acumen and administrative competence are worthy of commendation.In summary Asiwaju will be a good President for Nigeria.However, I believe I have a slight edge over him in that I understand national and Presidential politics more than him and in terms of intellectual resourcefulness we are at par if I am not better.But Bola Ahmed Tinubu is coming in from a wrong party where he has such powerful antagonists that have capacity to stop him.

The flagrant excesses of his party to which he never reacted publicly especially with issues concerning the southwest has made him not to be favoured by some of his own people.The other misfortune is that though Bola Tinubu has spent his life and his huge resources on developing political powerful lieutenants who now occupy very high and influential offices, now at his own point of need his major challengers are virtually all from his staple.

On my part, a great advantage is that I am the only Yoruba of note in the presidential race from the PDP.This race promises to be interesting.May the Almighty God grant us all health and life to run this race for the betterment of our Nation and countrymen and women in Jesus Name. Amen.

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