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I specially felicitate with Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu on his historic feat of becoming President-elect after the successful conduct of Saturday February 25, 2023 presidential poll, even as he prepares to take on his most significant assignment yet as President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria on Monday May 29, 2023.

Your Excellency, you are indeed a success story that is now being widely publicized not just within the shores of Africa but in the entire world. Impressively Asiwaju has phenomenally etched his name in the sands of time, deservedly so.

From an objective point of view, Asiwaju has done excellently well in various spheres of life he has traversed thus far. An accomplished accountant in the private sector, a pro-democracy activist, democrat, a Senator and subsequently Governor of a state, globally known as the economic hub of Nigeria and of course prominent politician par excellence in the Nigeria’s political firmament. Tinubu has made tremendous contributions to good governance, social justice and rule of law; that is Asiwaju for you.

His reputation of building people to fulfil their destinies is a purpose that he has found and take delight in, giving all of himelf to.

History is replete with numerous examples. Nigeria’s terrain is dotted by men and women whose rise today is intrinsically linked with meeting Asiwaju. And their stories took a positive turn for the better. These alone are permanent and indelible footprints in the human history, that no revisionist can change, they can only deny it. There are many individuals today whose journeys would have been different, maybe not glowingly as they are today without that Asiwaju quotient.

For the record, I have known Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu personally and worked with him very closely for more than 30 years. My first impression about him stuck since then, he is truly a man of conviction and courage, a generous man, ready to deploy all his arsenals, human and material, in the promotion and realization of public good, a man who genuinely honours friendship, people and sticks with them, bad weather or good weather. He is also known for discovering talents, nurturing and developing them for societal good; a man who sees the future, far ahead of his time.

In office as Governor of Lagos State for eight years, Tinubu forged a distinctive character for himself, about how those who occupy power should behave. The character I speak about is beyond his trade-mark cap or what others call insignia; it’s about an uncommon style that he deployed to make a mark. From day one, he refused to fall into the trap of the establishment but enthroned excellence and good governance that Lagos will always be proud of.

On my honour, I have no regret working for Asiwaju during the electioneering period, my active participation really took a serious toll on my job and home front but my consolation then was that nothing was too much to deploy with the ultimate goal to achieve a greater Nigeria through Tinubu. I was speaking to Nigerians in diaspora especially those in Dublin, Dubai and United States on a daily basis, appealing to them to convince their relations and friends back in Nigeria, a few insulted us but a good number of them accepted us, bought our goodwill messages about Asiwaju and thankfully, they did the needful.


I created many WhatsApp groups and participated actively in several others, I was frequent to Nigeria mobilizing voters and canvassing for votes in Ogun, Oyo (Ibadan), and Lagos States. I succeeded in floating a widely accepted campaign group for Tinubu known as Asiwaju 4 Renewed Hope ’23 (ARH) with over four thousand members who are often clad with our facecaps, T-Shirts, wrist bands etc. The campaign was very intense and massive indeed, but it was really worth it. On few occasions I was in United States, Dubai and UK. During the February 25 election I was physically present in Nigeria against all odds, and I satisfied my conscience and ultimately to be on the good side of posterity. Each time I reminisce on my commitment, sacrifices, time and resources, I always feel fulfilled and great about my involvement, which I never did for any politician before, whether in Dublin where I currently stay, in Nigeria or anywhere else.

I am indeed elated that Monday May 29, 2023 Nigeria will witness the dawn of a new era where the world will practically stand still for the installation of the kingmaker as king (Emilokan). Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu will be sworn-in as the 16th president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, the most populous black nation in the world

I wish the incoming administration of Asiwaju Tinubu a very peaceful and successful tenure. He is a destiny child, uniquely delivered from the quick-witted side of hope and optimism at this critical time in the history of Nigeria to be the turnaround manager and a perfect jinx breaker with many distinctions.

● Kemi Olokode-Ayelabola, a resident of Ireland is the convener of Asiwaju 4 Renewed Hope ’23, she wrote via

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