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Her name is one that rings loud and clear anywhere it’s mentioned within the showbiz circuit. You can’t possibly be a grounded music artiste, whether in contemporary or traditional music, and not know her. Bimbo Esho, is the absolutely delectable daughter of Nigeria’s Oracle of Highlife Music and Chairman of Evergreen Musical Company Ltd., Femi Esho. The renowned music company is known to be the biggest and most celebrated custodian of Nigeria’s traditional music ranging from high life to Juju music, Apala, Fuji and many other genres of music. Having taken over the reins of leadership at the company, extremely hardworking and intensely passionate Bimbo has clearly taken Evergreen Musical company to dizzying heights, helping it break barriers it couldn’t break before now as she brings to bear her youthfulness and knowledge of contemporary mass media to cut across different generations of artistes and their followers. This has enabled her celebrate various artistes who have done well for themselves. For this incredible accomplishment, the very brilliant and knowledgeable Bimbo Esho has been honoured time and time again. The older generation of musicians especially, adore her to no end, because she has relentlessly continued to promote their works and help keep their legacies alive and fresh in our minds.

But that is not the big news. The big news is that this humble and passion driven showbiz big babe who has earned the respect of the larger society on account of her resourcefulness and unending desire for success, has again raised the stakes in her entrepreneurship strides.

Not contented with the success of managing her father’s Evergreen Music Company for several years and taking the business to its Zenith point, Bimbo has ventured into the world of PR, branding, events and general prints. And, trust this incredibly gifted and purposeful lady who does not love to do things in half measures, she is going the whole 12 yards with her new project. Her ambition, within the shortest possible time, is to be up there with the very best in the industry.

She has been speaking excitedly about her new venture and her expectations. Hear her: “Evergreen Music Company is now more than just a business but a resource center that caters to the need of artists, students, anthropologists, researchers, Radio Stations, etc who need materials on Nigerian/ African music”.

“The human traffic into our Evergreen office by students from different Primary and Secondary schools on excursions is always encouraging. It gives us lots of joy to see students come to learn about the evolution of Music. Our tour guard takes them around and shows them our gramophone of 100 years, Reel to Reel of about 80 years, Record Changer, Music Catalogue, and different musical instruments and equipment.”

When asked about her new add-up to an existing business, she says: “My dynamism and creative prowess made me diversify into other areas like *PR, Branding, General Prints, and Events.”

“I am committed to Branding, General Prints, and image enhancement. It is an area I have a deep interest. My dad is a PR Guru and Printer of high repute and he has taught us the rudiments. In a complex society like ours, competition is the order of the day and a lot of people find it very hard to accentuate their ideas. In my over 20 years as an event creator I have watched people struggle to get good event planners for their events. Many people see the event as just a gathering meant to feed people, clapping, dancing, and then go home. Event planning is much more than that as there must be a top-of-the-mind recall for all guests.”

She went further: “As for the Branding business I have always loved brand perception. A lot of people have serious challenges on public perception and this and more are areas I love focusing on.”


Unlike many who choose to open big office outlets in Lekki, she said her love for the mainland is second to none. “I have lived on the mainland all my life and music, events even branding has always been popular on the mainland since the 60s. etc Our Printing Company is in Somolu, the headquarters of printers in Nigeria and for our Event/ PR business we operate from the Alagomeji environs.”

Clearly, Bimbo is not new to the terrain she is going into. Indeed, what she plans to do is to step up her game and begin to make her mark in the various sectors of her business interests. And if anything, those who know Bimbo Esho closely will tell you she is a fighter, a goal-getter, a focused and dynamic entrepreneur who never lets business challenges pull her down. This enigmatic lady may have a gentle looking disposition, but behind that beautiful face and adorable looking facade is a woman with an incredibly creative mind. Her head is forever running 24/7 on birthing new creative ideas. The word out there is that if you underestimate Bimbo’s business acumen, you maybe doing so at your own peril. Without a doubt, she has got the Midas touch. Everything she has touched has turned gold, these new projects surely won’t be an exception. Friends and admirers of this enchanting Amazon can’t wait to celebrate her again as she makes this bold, new move into the world of branding, PR and event management.

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