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I have received comments from the remnants of Trump supporters who are intent on smearing Biden by accusing him of appointing a gay into a senior position. They are all Christians. It’s like “LA see Biden. He’s not a Christian” kind of attitude. Below is my response to them.

Part of the problems of believers is that they imagine governments of nations are theocracies. They are wrong. We have a few especially Islamic nations where theocracy rules. The only place where the word of God rules 100% is in the church. Outside is made up of believers and unbelievers where we are supposed to be the light to them.

Biden is a President chosen by believers and unbelievers. He’s the president of Christians, moslems, animists etc.

Richard Grenell that he appointed as Acting Director of Intelligence was appointed not on the basis of religion. America is not a theocracy. So the president simply appointed a competent technocrat.

In America it is lawful to be gay or lesbian. That is the law. So by appointing a gay, Biden has not broken the law. He didn’t and has not appointed anyone on their sexual preferences.

Gays have been around since the time of Sodom and Gomorrah. They will be around until Jesus comes. Biden did not create them. He cannot judge or discriminate or else he breaks the law. And gets into trouble.

So why are some believers using this to judge him when sexual preferences are private matters?

Is being gay worse than stealing, adultery, lying, and other sins that the Lord condemns? Aren’t many of the people in government guilty of other sins? So why are gays being singled out? Is it okay to be a liar, adulterer, thief etc and be in government?


See, believers need to grow in knowledge so they can focus. Biden has met all lawful conditions.

Instead let us be praying for those who are gays, lesbians, adulterers, fornicators, liars, etc., that God will visit them with His mercy and deliver them so they can be saved.

Judging Biden in a self righteous way is a sign of ignorance and hypocrisy.

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