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IGBO communities have challenged Fulani herdsmen to once again attack any part of its territory and see if they would leave to tell the story of what they would see as a reprisal.

The Igbo native communities also said that they view the 30-day ultimatum given to President Mohammadu Buhari by the coalition of Northern Group to implement the RUGA initiatives as an indirect ultimatum by another Islamic Terrorist organization in the making to the areas they want to Islamize.

The communities have however agreed that no part of Igbo land would be sold to any masquerading Fulani herdsman in the guise of ranching, colony or grazing of their cows.

The Igbo communities made the resolutions at the Association of South East Town Union, ASETU, meeting in Enugu, where the union also hosted Ala-Igbo Development Foundation, ADF, during the weekend.

ASETU National President, Chief Emeka Diwe said in a communiqué of the meeting that having observed the state of insecurity in Nigeria and particularly, in the South East, and having noted the commentaries of many regional social cultural groups, that ASETU now believe that there is a serious, deliberate and systematic agenda to bloodily Islamise, over-run, occupy and take over some sections of the country, particularly the South East and Igbo land.

It however noted that it was only a tree that was told that it would be felled, yet it remained stationary until it was cut down. It therefore urged the Igbo offenders to take note of the story of and be wary of The Rattlesnake.


Diwe in the communique said “That we decry, oppose and vehemently reject any form of Islamisation and Fulanisation of any part of the South East region and indeed Igbo land, or any such move that would remind us of the 1967-1970 civil war.

“We call on our Fulani and Moslem brothers to respect our identity and descendancy as a people and to respect our territory as Igbo nation. We caution a foreclosure of any further attacks or plans of attack on us as this may attract reprisals.


“We caution every Igbo community to be mindful of any proposal to buy large portions of land in their domain. We hereby call on all Igbo Town Union Leaders to liaise with their traditional rulers to subject such proposals and offers to proper scrutiny as this would turn to gateways of surreptitiously entering into our communities to carry out nefarious activities.

“We call on all Igbo sons and daughters to be alert, vigilant and security conscious and to rise up in defence of themselves, their kiths and kins and the Igbo nation with whatever form and formula available in the event of any unwarranted attack, provided it is within the ambit of the Law.


“ASETU calls on legislators from both chambers of the National Assembly from South East to always meet and interact with their constituents and particularly their town unions on matters concerning their heritage as there is a rumoured plan to introduce bills to the national Assembly to amend the Land Use Act so as to disenfranchise the people of their lands.

“ASETU calls on President Mohammadu Buhari to out rightly cancel the RUGA policy. Mere suspension as announced is a pretentious half-hearted measure designed to douse the overwhelming national opposition and anticipated revolt. It is also a deceitful measure to buy time and to reintroduce the policy later after repackaging.”

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