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Antonio Conte hasn’t exactly got off to the best start at Tottenham manager by accidentally sharing an Instagram story that contained an Arsenal chant. Conte signed an 18-month contract to replace Nuno Espirito Santo and it is hoped the Italian coach will end the club’s 13-year trophy drought.

Given his excellent track record at Chelsea, Inter Milan, and Juventus, it is a move that has excited Tottenham supporters.

However, for the White Hart Lane faithful now following the Italian on Instagram, they may have been left slightly baffled by their new boss’ mishap on the social media platforms.

Initially, everything was running smoothly for Conte, with probably thousands of fans sending him messages of support, and the manager sharing a selection of them on his stories.

But it appears the coach didn’t have his volume turned up as he shared a post that looked completely fine but did not sound it.

As the picture of Conte holding a Spurs shirt appeared, along with a good luck message, so did one of the arch-rivals Arsenal’s famous songs…

The 52-year-old observed his first Spurs training session on Tuesday following the announcement of his arrival that afternoon
The 52-year-old observed his first Spurs training session on Tuesday following the announcement of his arrival that afternoon

An honest mistake, but given the season so far – Arsenal on the rise, Tottenham on the decline – this is the last thing they would have wanted, especially after how excited they would have been after seeing Conte pose with their shirt.

But it appears plenty of fans saw the funny side, with others laughing after Conte shared another post that featured a musical choice that left them shocked.


There’s little doubt Conte is a cultured man, but it was as far from the traditional Italian opera and classical scores you might expect from the classy coach.

No, instead he shared a post that features grime hit ‘Body’, by Russ Millions and Tion Wayne, which begins with the lyrics: “In Italy call my friend “Wagwan, what?”
Spaghetti mafia, yo bad gyal. Shawty, where you from?”

Each to his own…

Tottenham is probably used to it by now, though, with former boss Jose Mourinho also a keen Instagrammer and famed for his hilarious posts.


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