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Anita Brown, the American who claimed she is pregnant for Nigerian singer, Davido, has vowed to get work visas for the singer’s “struggling baby mamas”.

Anita, who has been dragging Davido on social media since she called him out for impregnating her, said the singer doesn’t pay his baby mamas child support, stressing that she is about to change that.

Anita said she is doing this to ensure that all the singer’s baby mamas, who she claims are “unpaid and struggling” get what they deserve from him.

She also said she won’t be talking to Davido again, and would be directing him to her lawyer.

Taking to her Twitter handle on Friday morning, she said karma was about to catch up with Davido.

She said the singer has about six babymamas but he is a deadbeat to the mother of his children.

In a series of tweets, Anita wrote,

“I was so busy battling the enemy Arguing with the enemy I had so many battles going on simultaneously That i forgot to invite God in on THIS fight LET THE KING OF GLORY IN! The promise still belongs to me & the glory belongs to HIM.


“So many ppl wanna father my child. That man don’t ever gotta speak to me again! Bitch speak to my lawyers. All them baby mothers that ain’t getting support, not me, here i come HOE!

“Better keep making hits, cause we need it! Hypocrite. I’ll get every baby mother a work visa, until they can get wtf they deserve! My taxes say a half a million a year, SMD. I’m a different breed! Trust me. 

“IdgAf about no damn fans talking shit I’m built for this I been through REAL STUFF in life Not no social media minions Y’all think I’m that weak! Lmao! No BOO!

“It’s about 6 babymothers, UNPAID! And struggling! Speaking out like deadbeat! All cause they can’t really go to no real judge and have favor! SMD! Here I COME!”

“Right game, WRONG ONE! This is America hoe! Men think they can sex every female tell them all the same sob story and karma don’t spin the block! I’m every man’s KARMA & IDGAF

“I’ll have a lawyer by Tuesday! Period! The minions DONT STOP SHIT Only fans DONT STOP SHIT! Nothing can stop me babes! I’m not your average female! I don’t let NOBODY quiet me And i built me! The same person that a man will like so much because i built me Exactly!


“All that defamation of character I’m letting a lawyer handle Every single thing that tried to destroy my character trust me I’m going to have my lawyer in the midst. Clarks you sending people shit about me.? SENDING VIDEOS, CONTENT GET READY TO SPEAK TO MY LAWYER”



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