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I am amazed at the disposition of some to a man improving himself and putting to shame those who felt he could not do something in particular.

This negative disposition has been coming mainly from the APC goons. I don’t understand them.

When Ademola Adeleke sought to be the Governor of Osun State, they had nothing on him, except that he did not have a good education. Osun State people still voted for him anyways because of his pedigree. His victory was stolen by the APC and there was peace of the sepulchre all over the State. The APC gave themselves a victory they could not celebrate.

Now, Ademola Adeleke has gone back to get what they said he did not have. A degree from a reputable American University and they are all up in arms with bitterness and sour grapes.

When I matriculated at Great Ife 40 years ago, a man who worked in the Office of The Registrar and who was 62 years at that time, matriculated with his youngest son having trained the other 4. Yes, he was set to get a degree at 62. He got the greatest applause on that day. He was celebrated not just by his friends, he became a source of inspiration to and for many. His family was enormously proud of him and many of us further gave him an encouragement that he actually and obviously did not need.

At what age did Olusegun Obasanjo became a Ph.D holder? George Weah, the Liberian President went back to University after being denied initially for not having any education.


I love people who don’t give up. Ademola Adeleke has proved his detractors wrong.

What about your Daura Dullard with gay and lesbian cows? He never improved himself to get ordinary School Certificate for all of his life! And yet you people imposed him as the President.


Stop being antagonistic. Cease bad belle. Forgo malice and applaud courage as well as a never-say-die spirit.

Ademola Adeleke has shown that he could be better. That he could rise to the occasion when challenged. He has shown he is up to any task thrown at him. He is in fact the kind of leader we should all be rooting for.


Let us celebrate the ability to meet challenges. I say congratulations to him.

©Remi Oyeyemi.

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