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1.Cranberry juice:

Urologists recommend consuming cranberry juice, as it has many health benefits. One of the health benefits of cranberry juice is that it prevents bacteria from multiplying in the urinary tract that cause urinary tract infections by increasing the acidity of the urine, making it difficult for bacteria to coexist with it.

2.Beet juice:

Beet juice has many benefits for the kidneys and urinary tract, as it contains betaine, which is one of the most powerful antioxidants. Beet juice increases the acidity of the urine, which kills the bacteria inside the urinary tract and prevents them from multiplying. It also prevents excess calcium inside the body from depositing in the kidneys, which prevents the formation of stones.

3.Lemon juice:


When consuming lemon juice regularly every day, this protects the kidneys from the formation of stones, as it is one of the highly acidic juices that help in the breakdown of stones. It also increases citric acid in the urine, which prevents the formation of urine in the urinary system, including the kidneys. If you want an easy and fast cleaning process for the kidneys, drink a quarter cup of water with 4 lemons added to it

4.Apple juice:


Apples contain pectin, which has a distinctive effect on cleaning the urinary tract and colon. Pectin helps cells expel heavy metals like aluminum, mercury and lead. It contains a range of antioxidants and vitamins, such as riboflavin.

5.Celery and parsley:


Both celery and parsley contain a large amount of Apiol, which is known for its cleansing benefits for the kidneys. It is also used in some commercial medicines that are used to break up stones. In addition, celery juice and parsley are diuretic, which makes it one of the most useful drinks in cleaning the kidneys

6.Kidney cleansing juices:

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Juices prepared from vegetables and fruits are one of the most effective ways to clean the kidneys. They also contain many vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that help cells resist oxidation of oxygen and reduce stress factors for the kidneys and liver. This type of fruits such as citrus fruits, apples, pears, peaches, and vegetables such as spinach, cucumber and turnip


7.House beverages:


To make a kidney cleansing drink at home, add lemon and apple cider vinegar to a cup of filtered water. This drink contains a large amount of antioxidants and components that help to strengthen the kidneys, which thus affect strengthening the health of the body in general.

8- Green tea:

It is known a bout green tea that it has a very high ability to purify the body and the kidneys as well from toxins, moisturize the body and increase activity, but also doctors warn against increasing it, as it is known that everything that exceeds its limit turns against it, so it is the candidate to eat Two cups a day is completely enough to take all the benefits of green tea and being one of the drinks that helps cleanse the kidneys.


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