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Since these on-camera calls are here to stay, it’s time to get on board and dedicate a space in your home that’s as professional as your career and as quirky as your personality.

Here’s the good news: There are ways to show up on Zoom that feel natural and authentic and will help you look confident to others. It starts with putting some time and intention behind your Zoom set-up.

1. Create a simple background

Within that little rectangle, the priority must be to reduce distractions in order to keep the spotlight on you

If you have a room behind you, there is lots to look at. Make sure your background is close behind you. If you have the ability to be inches away from a wall, perfect.

2. Keep books and artwork of an unbiased nature

It’s also easy for your audience to read into your background—literally.

If you’re sitting in front of a bookcase, make sure the titles aren’t readable. You have no idea how many people will inspect your books instead of listening to what you’re saying.

3. Display art, don’t distract with it

It’s okay to have a piece of art or a decorative wall like shelves behind you, but always be mindful of the context of the piece and also the area surrounding it.


Not only is it fun to display your art (family photos definitely count), but seeing beautiful things will surely spark your workplace creativity.

Instead of tons of tiny objects, which could be deemed messy, choose a large piece of art that’s not too busy or cabinetry that’s neat looking, uncluttered, and tidy for a stunning background.


4. Bare may be too spare

While experts suggest against busy patterns and an overabundance of décor, on the opposite side of the spectrum, try to steer clear of a bare white wall.

5. Use a plant to create movement

Bring some light and life to your screen with aplant. Real or faux doesn’t matter, but the color and movement will help break up an empty wall behind you.


6. Showcase your tools of the trade

Consider what you do for a living and how that can tangibly translate to your workspace.

Perhaps hard hats hanging in view if you’re a builder, or a favorite quote on the wall behind you if you’re a writer.

Added bonus: This style of décor can help delineate your “work zone” from the other areas in your home.

7. Don’t hide your personality

Think of this space as yet another way to brand yourself and represent a bit about yourself to the outside world.


In the end, this is still your space. Even with the “rules” in place, it should still emote a sense of who you are.

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