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Sex is a gift from God, and despite the busy lifestyles of many, something we should all schedule in our diaries as much as possible.

Double espressos, cold showers, or over-enthusiastic radio DJs are all well and good when it comes to shaking away the cobwebs from the night before, but if you really want to set yourself up for the day, nothing beats a pre-brekkie bunk-up.

Here’s why you should start your day with a bang.

1. It’s a quickie

Men might be surprised to learn that sometimes we don’t want two hours of foreplay – we just want an orgasm. The 8.06 train to Waterloo means that morning sex is about seizing the moment and getting straight to the important bit. So there are some things we can be grateful to Network Rail for.

2. Makes you happy


When you orgasm, the chemical oxytocin is released in your body and is known to make people calmer and more relaxed. That ‘morning glow’? – Yep, there’s a reason for that.

3. Best therapy for fitness


Sex burns 144+ calories per 30 mins. More fun than a treadmill.

4. A sexy man is a healthy man


A good shag increases your levels of IgA – an antibody that guards against infection. Saving youe on supplements and gym membership.

5. Always fun

Like drinking champagne in your pyjamas or eating chocolates in bed, sex before work feels like breaking the rules. Which is always fun.

6. Leaves you with indelible vibe


The best thing about a pre-brekkie bonk? You’ve got the whole day to think about it afterwards.

Source: GWG.NG


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