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Do you know that despite the fact that there are over 3000 species of snakes over the world, there is not one of the reptiles in places like Antarctica, Iceland, Ireland, Greenland, and New Zealand?

What this means is that Nigeria and every other countries have to deal with these reptiles not friendly to man day in day out – and about 600 species of them are venomous!

5 unbeatable ways to prevent snakes from entering your toilets in 2021
Use a snake prevention box Photo Credit: WJLA Source: Getty Images

Since the story of the NAF female personnel who died as a result of snake bite in her restroom on Friday, November 19 broke out, Nigerians have began paying extra attention to their water closets and toilet bowls.

This has also seen many like Nigerian music producer Don Jazzy express fear and others like actress Tonto Dikeh seek for other means to using the restrooms.

1. Eliminate snake food sources

Home Guru recommends that eliminating snake food sources is the easiest way to prevent the reptile from coming close to your toilets.

Given that snakes feed on smaller animals like rats, lizards and gecko, it is important you first lock these ‘snake foods’ out by cleaning the house from cluttered areas, removing wastes and making it free from musty smell.


2. Install sieve along the sewer

Installing sieve along the sewer in the restroom will keep snakes away from gaining entry to your toilet.

In taking an extra effort, you can get a technician to install a snake grill or a net large enough to prevent snakes from crawling up the water route that is an exit to the drain.


3. Snake prevention box

Thanks to technology, there now exists an innovation called snake prevention box.

Home Guru explains that the snake prevention box is made of dacrotized coated steel that makes it durable to use and prevent snake from entering the toilet.


Apart from the use of a snake prevention box, installing anti-snake pipe or toilet cover will also do the trick.

4. Use of household items

If you can’t get your hands on the snake prevention box or anti-snake pipe, there are available household items that can keep snakes away.

Items like caustic soda or a sniper when poured into the toilets will prevent snakes from entering your toilets.

Other usable household items include engine oil, sulfur powder and kerosene mixed with water.


5. Do a regular check of your house and immediate surrounding

It is advisable to do a regular check of your house and immediate surrounding for holes especially areas around the drainage pipes.

Any identified risk or hole spotted should be fixed immediately.


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