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Diapers. Photo The Honest Company

Diapers. Photo The Honest Company

“A baby is God’s opinion that life should go on.” – Carl Sandburg

To celebrate a new life, you would need the perfect gifts. It is an infant after all, one who probably would not say thank you or even remember you gave anything, and you would think you don’t have to put too much thought into what to get for the little one but this isn’t true. The question still is what do you get for a newborn? More importantly, what can you get for someone who grows every second?!

The very beautiful thing about getting a gift for a newborn is that nothing is ever too much. No item is ever too little or insignificant either. Ever! A newborn’s gift is oftentimes a mother’s gift too and she welcomes every single one with relief.

There are certain things you cannot get for a newborn, so it is advisable you get the proper information and guidelines from the parents before you do get anything.

Here are 5 perfect gifts you can and should get for a newborn :


Baby Diapers :
There can never be enough of these. Whether you’re being environmentally friendly with the clothes ones, or just getting the good ol’ disposable ones, with the appropriate brands and sizes, you can’t go wrong giving diapers as a gift.

Diaper bag backpack and pacifier holder. Photo EliteBaby


A Diaper bag :
To hold diapers, sanitisers, feeding bottles, wipes, a blanket, extra clothing, rattlers, and a wallet, keys, and even a book for mum – this is a perfect gift for a newborn.

Seeing as it is as good for the mum’s as it is for the baby, you could get the very stylish, chic ones, that doesn’t scream diaper bag, with the right amount of compartments (there never are too many). The kind that can go anywhere with you and blend in when you want to look official.
However, you do need to make sure it has a waterproof lining for spills.


Baby decor. Photo Architectural Digest India

Baby room decor items :
This would be an unusual gift, especially if the nursery has already been decorated EVEN THOUGH there are never too many decorations for a newborn’s room. From storage boxes to quilts to the portable mosquito nets, wallpapers and stickers, auto swing baby cradles, night lamps and baby mobiles, all of this adds a lovely touch to the room and, like all the other gifts, a baby can never have too many of these. Ever!!

Baby Photo Album :
Although everyone has gone digital, parents would still love to be able to document and show pictures to family and friends and reminisce years in the future. This could help the parents capture the very important moments in their newborn’s life, first steps, first smile, and everything else.

Baby Pacifier :
From the orthodontic to the round-tipped, to the silicone and latex kind, to the one-piece and multiple-piece baby pacifiers, with various sizes, this is also a perfect gift for a newborn. They can be custom rhinestones and even personalised pacifiers. After all, it is never too early for a newborn to swag out, is it?
However, this is a gift you should definitely consult the child’s mother on before you make a purchase.


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