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The call on Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) Governor Godwin Emefiele to join the 2023 presidential contest heightened yesterday with a pressure group – PUSH lending its voice.

The group, in a statement made available to The Nation, said Emefiele’s candidacy would ensure an ‘economic consolidation project’ to life one hundred million Nigerians out of poverty in the next couple of years.

Mr. Presley Okojie, who signed the statement in his capacity as PE2023 National Coordinator, said the group comprises of credible Nigerians, with solid grassroots connections across the six geopolitical zones.

He said the group has its headquarter in the Niger Delta.

The Okojie statement reads: “At this point in our history, we need a pan-Nigerian, with a strong background in economics and versatile local and international connections/ experience, to upscale our steady economic growth and ultimately tackle all forms of insecurity and separatists’ narratives.

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“The appointment of Mr. Godwin Emefiele as Governor of the CBN on June 4, 2014, by ex-President Goodluck Ebelle Jonathan and subsequent re-appointment by President Muhammadu Buhari, is a testament of his competence, devoid of ethnoreligious and political sentiments, characteristics of the ideal President, Nigeria needs from May 29, 2023.”

Okojie noted that beyond his strong economic background, Emefiele would consolidate on President Buhari’s success in infrastructural development that he has demonstrated through the prompt and adequate release of funds by the CBN for the various infrastructural development projects executed by the Buhari administration.


“His (Emefiele’s) experience at initiating and managing economically viable programmes of the Central Bank of Nigeria, such as CBN-MAAN Anchor Borrowers’ Programme, ABP, resulting in the 2021 unveiling of the nation’s first maize pyramid in Katsina and the recent Rice pyramid at Abuja, by the Rice Farmers Association of Nigeria, RIFAN, speak volumes.

 ”The ranking of Nigeria’s economy as number one in Africa, despite our security challenges, is due largely to Godwin Emefiele’s dynamic policies, in administering the CBN.”


He said the CBN helmsman launched the Tertiary Institutions Entrepreneurship Scheme, TIES, with a charge to beneficiaries to utilize the loans, created the CBN Wheat Programme, targeting $2 billion in FOREX savings and is expected to benefit over 150,000 farmers in 15 states of the federation for a state.

 ”The recently established “100 for 100 PPP loan” policy of the CBN under Emefiele, was introduced to help create jobs and do everything possible to supply foreign cash for the import of plants and machinery.

“The scheme would complement President Muhammadu Buhari’s ambition to create millions of jobs and make loans available at low rates for lengthy periods of time.” he added.

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