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The reports that Nigerians are making waves globally in all ramifications would not wane but continue to expand because of the excellent spirits that dwell in Nigerian people. 

One of the Nigerian nationals abroad making academic exploits is 20-year-old Promise Ayomide Adekola who graduated with a Doctor of Pharmacy from Cyprus International University.

Adekola, in an interview with Vanguard’s BIODUN BUSARI, shares the story of her challenges, achievements, passion, and dreams among others. 

Here are excerpts: 

Can you tell us about yourself and your school?

My name is Promise Ayomide Adekola. I studied at the University of Rome Tor Vergata and Cyprus International University, earning a Dual Masters of Pharmacy degree from both institutions. I just finished my PharmD at Cyprus International University.

Which year did you leave Nigeria and what are the educational requirements to get admission into a Cyprus university?

In 2017, at the age of 14, I left Nigeria. My admission was based on passing the necessary 5 credits in my WAEC result.


What informed your decision of studying Pharmacy at a Cyprus university?

During my secondary school education, I had an interest in a health-related course but was hesitant about dealing with open injuries and witnessing patients in pain. Pharmacy seemed like a way to help people while avoiding those situations. I chose to pursue it. My parents recommended studying in Cyprus due to its friendly environment, affordable tuition, and quality education. It was an opportunity I don’t regret accepting.

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What are the experiences and challenges faced in studying abroad?

One of the challenges I faced was the language barrier, but I learned Turkish while in school, which helped me overcome this problem. Additionally, starting university at a young age and finding the right company were challenges, but I eventually found supportive friends who contributed to my success and personal growth. Studying abroad has been a wonderful experience. I have met people from various countries, learned about different cultures, and received an excellent education at Cyprus International University. The university has valuable global partnerships, which even gave me the opportunity to study in Italy.

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Can you tell us about your previous academic achievements in other schools before proceeding to Cyprus?

In secondary school, I ranked 10th out of approximately 200 students in JSS2 and received a scholarship for my SS1 to SS2 education.


What are the factors responsible for your success for others to learn from you?

Firstly, I attribute my achievements to God’s grace, as I faced distractions and discouragement as a student. Determination, proper time management, and diligence were also crucial in helping me succeed. I focused on studying, avoided unnecessary distractions, and aimed to make my parents and God proud.


What is your next step after this great success?

My future plan is to pursue a PhD in Pharmacy and fulfil my passion for teaching.

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How do you intend to contribute your quota to your home country, Nigeria?

I aspire to contribute to research and development in Nigeria, establish a community pharmacy, and educate my community about healthy lifestyles, proper medication usage, and disease prevention.

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What advice will you give to the Nigerian government to improve the educational system and the country as a whole?

My advice to the Nigerian government is to increase investment in education and ensure curriculum relevance. Education is not the sole path to success, but it can be a significant route towards it.


What are your perspectives on Nigerian students, doctors and lecturers leaving the country to relocate abroad?

Well, it all depends on the availability of quality education. If there is sufficient practical knowledge and experience available, people would definitely choose to stay. However, due to the lack of these opportunities, many individuals opt to leave. It would be better for individuals to remain in their own country, but the lack of employment opportunities, insecurity, and other issues force many to leave. The Nigerian government should prioritize addressing these problems, and the issue of emigration will be resolved.

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Source: Vanguard

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