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American comedian and actor, Bill Cosby, 85, has been sued for alleged sexual assault by former Playboy model, Victoria Valentino, 80.

Valentino claimed Bill forced himself on her after giving her the two pills that made her feel helpless, but the actor denied her claim and insisted her storyline has loopholes.

According to a new lawsuit, she noted that the comedian took advantage of her way back in 1969 while she was trying to make it in Hollywood, TMZ reports.

Valentino said that they met in Bill’s studio trailer after an audition where she informed him about the recent loss of her six-year-old son and later ran into each other at a Los Angeles restaurant later that year and he offered to pay for a spa treatment for her and her friend.

Bill took them to a dinner treat after their spa day which turned into a nightmare.

She said Bill put pills next to their drinks and told them it would make them feel better and pretended to ingest one himself.

Bill offered to drive them home as she felt nauseated and dizzy in the backseat but he drove them to his office instead, where the sexual assault occurred, Valentino alleged.

Her friend passed out on a couch in Cosby’s office while she sat down on another couch and closed her eyes and when she opened them she saw Cosby sitting next to her friend, staring with a “predatory intensity” and an erection.


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